Mobile Email Design Tips

Reaching as many customers and leads as possible is the main rule of successful email marketing, and mobile technologies grant the access to new markets. You can extremely increase your open and conversion rates by offering a mobile version of you mailing – let people choose. Here are 7 quick mobile email marketing optimization tips:

  1. Use a single-column layout
  2. Put your logo and call to action at the top of your email
  3. If you offer subscribers the ability to click through on a link from their mobile device, make sure the page they’re directed to is also mobile-friendly. Many content management systems offer mobile displays that turn on automatically when they detect a smart phone browser
  4. Use smart contrasts that read well on small screens. Black fonts on white backgrounds work best
  5. Use white space and bullet points to make your emails easy to read
  6. Have a text version available
  7. Have a link at the very top of your message that allows subscribers to “view online” if their phone doesn’t display your email correctly.

Along with the above quick list, I've found these wonderful infographics from Litmus which illustrate many of those same mobile email concepts.



Infographic: Tips To Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

With the holiday shopping season in full bloom — “Black Friday” this week and “Cyber Monday” next week — it’s a good time for online merchants to ensure they’re not going to suffer from the dreaded abandoned shopping cart syndrome.

The cure for that disease? The folks at testing service Monetate have created an infographic full of tips:

Want the infographic for yourself? You’ll find it here: Shopping Cart Abandonment and Tips To Avoid It.

Internet Shoppers Break eCommerce Records this Holiday, Online Deals Don’t Stop

A press release from ComScorereveals that US shoppers took advantage of the online specials and deals offered to online shoppers this "Cyber Week," with three days exceeding $1 billion in sales for the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The holiday spending season begins in November and is calculated through December. To date, this season has seen $18.7 billion in online spending, a 15-percent increase from e-commerce in 2010.

Shoppers spent the most on Cyber Monday, November 28 to Wednesday November 30. All three days surpassed any previous record in online spending history.

One of the most successful offers from online retailers is free shipping. Free shipping incentives are being redeemed at record amounts by Internet shoppers. At 64 percent of transactions eligible for free shipping, shoppers didn't pass on this deal.

ComScore Cyber Week

According to ComScore, nearly half of consumers polled about online shopping admitted that they abandon their carts at check out if they find that free shipping isn't offered.

When asked how important free shipping is in a holiday survey, 36 percent of participants said it was very important and they would not make purchases without it. While 42 percent said free shipping was somewhat important and they actively seek out free shipping deals.

Bet Buy DealsHow can your business take advantage of online holiday shopping?

It is becoming obvious that shoppers are shying away from the crowds and malls this year and are looking to find deals online.

Though free shipping costs can be expensive for retailers, learn how to market your deals to compensate for those costs. Offer free shipping after a certain purchase bracket. It has also been found that shoppers tend to spend more on average if they know that free shipping is included.

Though "Cyber Week" is long gone, online retailers continue to offer deals with ongoing daily specials. Amazon, Target and Best Buy are among the many retailers who are now featuring "daily deals." By subscribing or visiting their website, shoppers can take advantage of different specials every day.

Are you shopping online this holiday?